Disadvantages of staying in a hotel

Hotels currently play a crucial role in providing accommodation to tourists and business people. In the past, the provision of accommodation only consisted of a room with a small table, a cupboard, and a bed. However, even though modern hotels like the historic hotel Cincinnati have taken the game higher by including contemporary facilities staying in a hotel room still has its own disadvantages


Disadvantages of staying in a hotel 


Hotel rooms cost a fortune especially when you stay for an extended period of time. If you are traveling with your entire family opting for hotel rooms comes with its fair share of challenges; the cost of booking a room for the different family members may be extremely high. Even if you will be lucky to afford, the rooms may be located in different places or building limiting interaction team a great deal.  Lack of privacy

It is virtually impossible to find enough peace and privacy in large chain hotels with plenty of people. Room checks are carried out on regular basis and the while walls can thin you are continually interrupted by noise from neighboring rooms. If you have a troublesome in the adjacent room your nights will be longer. If you would like to have some family time in the open over the weekends, the large number of locals will not allow.

Plenty of surprises 

Although some people claim to research widely and read reviews about the hotel before booking what you read does not always provide a clear picture of what you should expect. Reviews for your intended function and duration of stay may be missing. For instance, reviews on the use of the facility for disco at midnight birthday party and other functions could be non-existent. Someone could be secretly planning to throw a huge party on the day you have planned creating a parallel noise with terrible results.

Slow Services 

Some hotels require you to place an order for a meal and wait for up to two hours depending on the number of requests. This may not work for someone who is rushing to, say; to catch a buy to a business meeting. You will find the alternative to go for fats foods in another outlet extremely inconveniencing and disappointing. The fact you could have paid for bed and breakfast further compounds the feeling of frustration.

The Exact View May differ from the marketed

Promoters are fond of portraying a place way far from the reality. A customer who decides to spend time in the hotel in the company of their loved ones may have to seek a different venue if the hotel does not turn out to be as romantic as it was marketed. Some people take the appearance of their surrounding seriously.


If you value your privacy, prefer more space than that you get in a hotel and the option to prepare the food you want at your convenience, you should consider staying in a serviced apartment instead. The fact they are self-catered, you have the liberty to enter and leave at your own please and maximum privacy means you have more freedom and there is minimal interference.

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